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Pictures: Toni Braxtion, Film, Apollo Theater and Fashion Week

15 Sep

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18 Aug

We will be filming scenes for an upcoming feature film in this area. This Tuesday 8/20 we will be filming a Carnival scene in the Courtyard behind 1 Station Square where the Forest Hills Inn. This Carnival in the movie takes place in 1957 Munich, Germany. We need dancers to participate in a couples Waltz to help bring this scene to life! Please come join us at 2pm in front of the Courtyard if you wish to be in the film! All dancers must be wearing one of the following outfits:
•   1957 German Traditional clothing; 1950s authentic Lederhosen or Trachten
•   Carnival style clothing; Masks, cloaks, capes accessories, etc.
•   Animal costumes, Shakespearian dresses, colorful clothing.
•   Please DO NOT wear any commercial type costumes (i.e. super heros, specific characters, name brands, etc.) or anything that occurred after 1957 (i.e. hippies, disco, 80’s, etc.)
What: Film Shoot
When: Tuesday August 20th
Where: 1 Station Square, Forest Hills.
Time: 2pm-7pm
Other: EmailStingray@oddentertainment.com for any questions or if you are interested in being apart of the film!

My Time Has Arrived

4 May

Growing up is really hard.

May 13th 2012 passed and that was the day that I graduated. I was at my friend’s graduation last week and could not believe that a year of college has passed by. A year has passed, I finally have a sense of direction about my future plans. There was mixed emotions as I watched my friend receive her diploma. I was grateful to have graduated college but I also began to think was college even worth it. All the struggles, the tears, the depression,  the feelings of restlessness and confusion. I would say it is and has been worth it.

I started writing this post almost 7 months ago. I was upset that life was not going the way I planned. My life after college was going to be full of challenges but not this many. A year and a half later, I am in a better place. I am in school earning my event planning certificate, I have an event internship with a prestigious company and have postive healthy relationships. I  can give credit for my recent success to several things: my faith in god,  my passion for personal growth and my ability to appreciate tough times.

It is now May 4th, 2013 , almost two years since I graduate college. I am still writing this post. Life is full of challenges but I am still growing.I earned a full time postion at a mortgage bank and have a car of my own. I have more power and control over my life. I am writing this post so people know that the struggles that you go through are worth it. Most of the time we appreciate the struggle after the experiences has passed. How about people appreciate the struggle when there experiencing it.

10 Reasons I have a job

4 Mar

Image1. I applied constantly. I would dream about finding a job. I thought about find a job all the TIME.

2. I opened myself to the wonders of the universe. I tried all options. I staffing agencies, newspapers, online, Linkedin and networking.

3. I never stopped taking risks when finding a job. I have had some terrible job experiences but I learned what I did and did not like. I found myself in each job and continue to find myself in the new job that I have.

4. I prayed.

5. I focused on it. I told everybody that I wanted a job. I put that energy in the air and attracted what I thought I wanted.

6. I had a plan most of the time. Too much planning is bad and too little planning is worse. I did what I wanted to do. Any passion I had I followed it and when  full time job came, I took the job.

7. Start from the bottom and work your way up. I had a degree and I felt that someone should give me a job.

8. Ask your friends for jobs. My friends ask me about opportunities and help me find opportunities.

9. Intern. Interning helped me stay busy and build connections.

10. It is my time. I struggled to find a full time job. It was not my time yet. I had to work hard and go through the process of finding a job like everybody else.

Like According to Samah J on Facebook,Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Nov

I am starting a campaign to increase my likes on Facebook. I have only 20 likes. I know I can do better than that.

I really enjoy writing and creating this blog. It defiantly has become a passion of mine. I apperciate all the followers and the comments so much that I decide to create a Facebook page.  I would really apperciate it if people would like the page. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Stressed and Blessed

2 Nov

I have moments where I am grateful for the success that I have. The opportunities that come my way and the new people I meet every single day. However, being successful comes with a lot of stress. Trying to pursue multiple projects at once, work and maintain a social life can leave little room for personal growth. It is important on this journey to success that you develop a separate identity from you work, family and relationships.

How do you go about that?

1. Give yourself space to breath from your own success.  Schedule personal time each day or week. Give yourself time to mediate on other things outside of your success. Volunteer for a day or read a book about a subject you know nothing about.

2. Pray your stress away.  Any way you choose to pray, do it.

3. Do not spend every second planning your new step. Letting things happen organically sometimes is the best way to success.  Let opportunities come to you for a change.

4. Collaborate with others on their success. Volunteer to mentor someone or help a friend or family in need.

How do you relax from all the stress created from your success?

Those are my suggestions. Have a great weekend.

HOT 97.1 Push 4 Peace

20 Sep

I wanted to give you a quick update on my career. I was offered the opportunity to help out the SWS Organization (An organization for women)  at Hot 97.1 Push  4 Peace event. It was  hosted by Lisa Evers  in Harlem. I  met Antonique Smith who played Faith Evans in the Notorious movie. I spent the afternoon with her and she was a doll. It was a great opportunity to network. I met Rose D who is the Associate Producer for Hot 97.1.It was a great day for networking and giving back to the community.

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