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Pictures: Toni Braxtion, Film, Apollo Theater and Fashion Week

15 Sep

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Top 10 Job Advice

8 Jun

1. Do not wait until your yearly performance review for a review of your performance. If your not meeting the standards you want to know as soon as possible. The earlier you know the quicker you can fix the problem. Also, your boss will admire your desire to do well.

2. Ask for a review of your performance routinely. If your company does a performance review once a year , I would check in every few months for some advice. At my company every month you meet with your manager.  My place of employment is big on meeting quotas each week  and I seek a review every week.

3. Take personal initiative do not expect your supervisor to come to you when there is a problem. Your are not the only person in the office they have to worry about. Watch your own butt.

4. Trust your instincts,

5, Be friendly at work but do not be everyone’s friend.

6. You want people to respect you not like you. People come to work with the intention of being liked. I can like you but think you suck at your job. However, I want to respect you because your great at your job.

7. If your job is not your career spend as much time out of work focusing on how to get to next level. If you have 40 hours dedicated to work when will you have time to find your passion?

8. You are in control your own performance. Eat foods that give you energy, look your best and go to bed early.

9. Do not sweat the small stuff. Sometimes issues arise and it is just a learning lesson not a blemish or a reflection of your performance.

10. If you can excel in your current position you will be rewarded. If you cannot excel find something that you can. Find something that you can be the best at. When you are the best you get the best.


My Time Has Arrived

4 May

Growing up is really hard.

May 13th 2012 passed and that was the day that I graduated. I was at my friend’s graduation last week and could not believe that a year of college has passed by. A year has passed, I finally have a sense of direction about my future plans. There was mixed emotions as I watched my friend receive her diploma. I was grateful to have graduated college but I also began to think was college even worth it. All the struggles, the tears, the depression,  the feelings of restlessness and confusion. I would say it is and has been worth it.

I started writing this post almost 7 months ago. I was upset that life was not going the way I planned. My life after college was going to be full of challenges but not this many. A year and a half later, I am in a better place. I am in school earning my event planning certificate, I have an event internship with a prestigious company and have postive healthy relationships. I  can give credit for my recent success to several things: my faith in god,  my passion for personal growth and my ability to appreciate tough times.

It is now May 4th, 2013 , almost two years since I graduate college. I am still writing this post. Life is full of challenges but I am still growing.I earned a full time postion at a mortgage bank and have a car of my own. I have more power and control over my life. I am writing this post so people know that the struggles that you go through are worth it. Most of the time we appreciate the struggle after the experiences has passed. How about people appreciate the struggle when there experiencing it.


28 Apr

1. From the words of Whitney Houston … I rather be alone then unhappy.

2. The person literally makes you sick. I am talking your laying in bed.

3. You more comfortable being alone than you were with the actual person.

4.  Too much drama

5. Your not getting anything for all the effort your putting in. Constantly, trying to make something work that is not working is a waste of time.

6.  Your not with your with equal.

7. You just want to be single and mingle with other people.

8. You want more time for  yourself.

9. You realize the energy your investing in your relationship should be invested in yourself.

10. Your not ready for commitment.

10 Reasons I have a job

4 Mar

Image1. I applied constantly. I would dream about finding a job. I thought about find a job all the TIME.

2. I opened myself to the wonders of the universe. I tried all options. I staffing agencies, newspapers, online, Linkedin and networking.

3. I never stopped taking risks when finding a job. I have had some terrible job experiences but I learned what I did and did not like. I found myself in each job and continue to find myself in the new job that I have.

4. I prayed.

5. I focused on it. I told everybody that I wanted a job. I put that energy in the air and attracted what I thought I wanted.

6. I had a plan most of the time. Too much planning is bad and too little planning is worse. I did what I wanted to do. Any passion I had I followed it and when  full time job came, I took the job.

7. Start from the bottom and work your way up. I had a degree and I felt that someone should give me a job.

8. Ask your friends for jobs. My friends ask me about opportunities and help me find opportunities.

9. Intern. Interning helped me stay busy and build connections.

10. It is my time. I struggled to find a full time job. It was not my time yet. I had to work hard and go through the process of finding a job like everybody else.

Life is but a dream

3 Mar

I stole the title from Beyonce.

Many of us may not have the lifestyle like Beyonce but for many of us our lives are  fulfilled with all the blessings and dreams that our heart desires. I finally found a job and now have a car. I am not complete by these external accomplishments but the hard work and determination that I put in to achieving those goals. Accomplishing a goal and getting my life in balance has and will always be the battle of my life. I encourage everyone to dream big and realize that anybody life can be anything but just a dream. Image

HOT 97.1 Push 4 Peace

20 Sep

I wanted to give you a quick update on my career. I was offered the opportunity to help out the SWS Organization (An organization for women)  at Hot 97.1 Push  4 Peace event. It was  hosted by Lisa Evers  in Harlem. I  met Antonique Smith who played Faith Evans in the Notorious movie. I spent the afternoon with her and she was a doll. It was a great opportunity to network. I met Rose D who is the Associate Producer for Hot 97.1.It was a great day for networking and giving back to the community.

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