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Pictures: Toni Braxtion, Film, Apollo Theater and Fashion Week

15 Sep

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18 Aug

We will be filming scenes for an upcoming feature film in this area. This Tuesday 8/20 we will be filming a Carnival scene in the Courtyard behind 1 Station Square where the Forest Hills Inn. This Carnival in the movie takes place in 1957 Munich, Germany. We need dancers to participate in a couples Waltz to help bring this scene to life! Please come join us at 2pm in front of the Courtyard if you wish to be in the film! All dancers must be wearing one of the following outfits:
•   1957 German Traditional clothing; 1950s authentic Lederhosen or Trachten
•   Carnival style clothing; Masks, cloaks, capes accessories, etc.
•   Animal costumes, Shakespearian dresses, colorful clothing.
•   Please DO NOT wear any commercial type costumes (i.e. super heros, specific characters, name brands, etc.) or anything that occurred after 1957 (i.e. hippies, disco, 80’s, etc.)
What: Film Shoot
When: Tuesday August 20th
Where: 1 Station Square, Forest Hills.
Time: 2pm-7pm
Other: EmailStingray@oddentertainment.com for any questions or if you are interested in being apart of the film!

Like According to Samah J on Facebook,Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Nov

I am starting a campaign to increase my likes on Facebook. I have only 20 likes. I know I can do better than that.

I really enjoy writing and creating this blog. It defiantly has become a passion of mine. I apperciate all the followers and the comments so much that I decide to create a Facebook page.  I would really apperciate it if people would like the page. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


HOT 97.1 Push 4 Peace

20 Sep

I wanted to give you a quick update on my career. I was offered the opportunity to help out the SWS Organization (An organization for women)  at Hot 97.1 Push  4 Peace event. It was  hosted by Lisa Evers  in Harlem. I  met Antonique Smith who played Faith Evans in the Notorious movie. I spent the afternoon with her and she was a doll. It was a great opportunity to network. I met Rose D who is the Associate Producer for Hot 97.1.It was a great day for networking and giving back to the community.

Top Ten Things Not To Do At Work

4 Aug

1. Everybody has an Ashley. I worked at a book store for a short period of time and ran into a co-worker named Ashley. She  would make  unecessary unproductive  useless comments. She would cry at work and talk about other intimate details of her life. Many times I dreaded having to work with her. It really was uncomfortable dealing with such an open person.

2. Get hired is easy but keeping your job is not. I have noticed when people first start working there are super professional. However, people become less professional as the time goes on.  People start coming to work late and not staying on top of assignments. Everyone is watching  your performance and with such an unstable job market, it is imperative to be on your A game.

3. Not following company rules. Rules are made to be followed,  not broken. For example, a temporary worker was extended at my recent job. Unfortunately, he was caught using google searching for  lyrics. Now he has put him self in jeopardy of losing his job.

4. Asking unproductive questions. If your going to ask questions at work make sure others can learn from the answers. Asking questions that are in the work manual are unproductive questions. The hand book is there for a reason.

5.  Being late for work everyday and being shocked that you were fired.

6. Not knowing how to perform basic tasks of your job.

7.  Not continuing to grow in your job. You have to keep training in your field to get promoted and be seen as an asset.

8. Not respecting people in authority.  In my current job,  I have seen people get fired over not follwoing  simple directons. You don’t want to be that person who loses their job because u were texting?

9. Not showing up for work. I have seen this behavior constantly. You are offered a job, you accept the position  and fill out all the paper work. The first day of work arrives and you are nowhere to be found.

10. Not networking at work. I have met a lot of people who are interested in entertainment at my current job. You can network at your job and build connections that can last a lifetime.

Success Is A Two Way Street

25 May

I always hear people say, I got here by myself and that is untrue. Think about all the times you moved to another level  and the people who helped you.

Think about it right now before you move on to the next paragraph. I am sure a few people popped up. Perhaps it was a teacher, a neighbor or for me random strangers.

When I was on the production team at Madison Square Park, I encountered positive people everywhere I went. One day I was watching the back stage area and this elderly man  started talking to me. At first I thought I hope this guy is not crazy. He asked me what my name was. I told him my name is Samah. He asked what I wanted to do and at the time I said I wanted to be in the music industry. He said if I work really hard I will get there and he said to follow your heart. Also, said that I was smart. The words that he said to me made a really hot day on Madison Avenue feel so much more cooler. I never met anybody who in encouraged and believed in me so much without ever really knowing  me.

Anytime I think about my success and the people who helped me. I think about the nameless people or the forgettable faces I meet along the journey towards success. Somebody other than yourself has to believe in you, in order for you to become successful.


6 May

I love music. All kinds. Different genres. Here are my favorite songs as of now.

I love people who have been out for a long time and suddenly become famous. It is the best form of success SLOW and STEADY. This song came out last year and out of the blue it has become this huge hit. The mix of Sting sounding Goyte and Kimbra voice makes this a very pleasing song to hear. I think we can all relate to the lyrics and the passion that is emanating from this song.

Love her or hate her Nicki Minaj kinda rules the world. Behind Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Nicki is pretty popular. After her disaturous performance at the Grammy’s, I became a bit worried about her new material. This is her best single out from the lastest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Nicki Minaj is not a singer but she definatley can carry a tune. Chris Brown sultry voice and her not so sultry voice blends so well together.

I love unique sounding songs. The intro to the song immediately caught my ear. I love the melodies and the highs and the lows of the song. Your ears are never bored. I also love the acoustic version with Janelle Monea is also very good.

Jennifer Lopez makes great pop/dance songs. That is just the truth. This song is very familiar to her last song, Get on the Floor. If you have a formula that works stick to it. This song is produced by Redone featuring Pittbull. The lyrics are simple but very catchy. When I first heard the song I did not like it but I knew I would love it shortly.

This song is so catchy. When I first heard this song it became clear that I was the last one to know about it. This single has been out for some time now and with the help of Twitter it blew up.

What are your favorite songs?