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Do not waste your time planning!!!!

8 Dec

I use to plan everything.  I realize how little planning helps. Now planning is necessary but it is not the most important thing,  I  planned at this age to be in a different industry, hanging out with different people and talking about a different things. I think about all the career planning I did and career coaches  and where am I now is not where I planned in college.

When I was in college I really wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Currently, I work in the mortgage industry which is hardly creative.  I wanted to hang out with people who were ambitious and driven and I want to speak about my journey and experiences.   I am still trying to figure out what is the next best step and what actions I can take to get there.  It is not about the destination it is about the journey to the destination.

You can only control your reaction to a situation, I am not advising not to plan at all. I have a planner in my purse and jot down ideas and things that I would like to accomplish. What I am trying to say is spend more time doing and less time planning. Life will be more enjoyable.


Fashion Week, Apollo Theater, Film and Toni Braxton Concert

15 Sep


I have not been as active on my blog but great opportunities  and events have come my way.  I recently was a production assistant on a feature film shoot in NY city. I can’t provide many details about the film because I signed a waiver but it was really exiting. I have never worked in film but it was amazing opportunity to expand my creative services.

Yesterday, I want to a free taping of the famous Apollo Theater. I met Dougie Fresh  but Gladys Knight and Michael Biven also attended the event as guest judges.  Most of the acts were great and few were terrible.  I never realized how long it takes to shoot a television series. Many of the clips were reshoot multiple times.  The live performance was Chrisette Michael, a popular R&B singer.

My favorite thing that I did this month was attend Fashion Week. I was able to snag  a ticket to Fashion Week 2013 Premiere Event Feat. Project Runway Designer Irina Shabayeva and Vogue Published Designer Long Tran.  The  event was held at Empire Hotel Rooftop on44  West 63rd Street, New York, New York 10023. The cloths were amazing. I defiantly preferred Irina line because it was more practical while Long’s collection was more futuristic. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Fashion Week. Every year I would try to volunteer but never could get a position.

In August, I went to a Toni Braxton concert at the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ. It was awesome and the State Theater has defiantly upgraded there line of events.  The place was packed as she perform some of her greatest hit  such as Unbreak My Heart and Breathe Again. Ton’s sister Towanda, Trina and Traci performed as well. Trina is also launching a solo career and had a mini concert within the show. I thought that was very nice of Toni to let her sister shine as well. Tamar was not there, I assume she is busy with her own career.

This is shaping up to be a wonderful September and my birth is this month. Super excited  about turning 24.

My Time Has Arrived

4 May

Growing up is really hard.

May 13th 2012 passed and that was the day that I graduated. I was at my friend’s graduation last week and could not believe that a year of college has passed by. A year has passed, I finally have a sense of direction about my future plans. There was mixed emotions as I watched my friend receive her diploma. I was grateful to have graduated college but I also began to think was college even worth it. All the struggles, the tears, the depression,  the feelings of restlessness and confusion. I would say it is and has been worth it.

I started writing this post almost 7 months ago. I was upset that life was not going the way I planned. My life after college was going to be full of challenges but not this many. A year and a half later, I am in a better place. I am in school earning my event planning certificate, I have an event internship with a prestigious company and have postive healthy relationships. I  can give credit for my recent success to several things: my faith in god,  my passion for personal growth and my ability to appreciate tough times.

It is now May 4th, 2013 , almost two years since I graduate college. I am still writing this post. Life is full of challenges but I am still growing.I earned a full time postion at a mortgage bank and have a car of my own. I have more power and control over my life. I am writing this post so people know that the struggles that you go through are worth it. Most of the time we appreciate the struggle after the experiences has passed. How about people appreciate the struggle when there experiencing it.

What is the state of your being?

22 Dec

The state of my being is to worry. I love to worry, I enjoy it. I bask in worrying about everything. I came to the conclusion that I operate in a state of worry. I make decisiongs because I am worried. I will not say certain things because I am worried about what others will think. I will not try certain things because I am worried about how it will turn out. I use to not be that way.

Unfortnately that is not healthy. I decided to figure out what makes me worry.

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