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21 Jan

The main purpose of the blog is to inspire people pursuing a career in music.  There is not better way of continuing that purpose by reaching out to other inspiring music professionals and seeking their wisdom and perspectives on the music industry. Each month I will be picking a person that I believe has what it takes to make a huge impact in the music industry.  My first interview is with Brittany Epps, who is an inspiring entertainment lawyer.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m a recent graduate of Villanova University with aspirations to study intellectual property and entertainment law. I love law and I love entertainment, so one day I thought, “Why not combine both my passions?” and the rest is history.

2. What college did you go to?

I attended Villanova University.

3. What is your passion?

My passion is anything that encompasses the arts.

5. What age and/or memory inspired you to want to be in the music industry?

As a young girl watching television shows such as Star Search, The Mickey Mouse Club, and other programs centered on music and the arts, I realized how much I appreciated music, performance, and creative expression, in general.

6. Worst music experience? Best music experience?

My first internship in the entertainment industry was an amazing experience. It helped me build a strong foundation for the business side of the industry and it has taught me many lessons that still stick with me today. I haven’t encountered any terrible music experiences.

7. Did your degree prepare you for a career in entertainment?

Yes. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and it provided the foundation for my aspirations, with courses such as Public Relations, Journalism, and Mass Communication. It taught me the basics of communication, touching on many concepts that will be helpful in my career.

8. Why do you think the music industry is suffering?

I think the music industry is suffering because of the illegal downloading that has become so rampant over the years. Record sales have decreased drastically, and the industry has really been affected by it. It’s still a huge problem.

9.  Top favorite artists?

Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, I’ve watched them throughout their careers, and it’s so amazing to see how they’ve grown through the years. They are legendary! 

10.  Have you faced any challenges pursuing a career in entertainment?

Working your way up the ladder is always difficult, especially in such a highly glamorized field. Breaking into the industry was very hard, and maintaining my position was also a struggle. Persistence is key.

11.  How has being a black woman affected you?

Being a black woman has not affected me thus far since the industry is so diverse; there are people from all walks of life, artists from various backgrounds so its very accepting. However, I’m sure I will encounter many struggles in trying to advance my career, since many of the higher positions are male-dominated.

12.  Worst advice ever given to you and best advice?

The worst advice was someone telling me to lie consistently in order to get what I want.

The best advice was the idea that there are three factors to making in the industry: luck, passion, and persistence.

Also, someone telling me to give every single thing you do 200%, whether you’re making a cup of coffee, creating a spreadsheet or interacting with clients. It really says a lot about your character when you go above and beyond to stand out and do the things that most people don’t want to do. Show that you’re willing to work, put your pride to the side, and you will find great success. Those are the kinds of people who make it to the top.

For more information on Brittany Epps please check out her Linkedin page.

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