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Worst Interview Ever

18 Mar

Have you ever gone on an interview and the person clearly does not know how to perform an interview? Well, that happened recently. I went on an interview for a position that I was so excited about. I got to the interview and the person interviewing me was less than inviting.  She gave a phony handshake and did not seem authentic. In addition, she was late and did not apologize.

Even though I knew position I was interviewing for, she choose not to reiterate what the position was about and the exact responsibilities that she was looking to be completed. She did not explain what her position was and how if she would be supervising.

I answered the standard interviewing questions and she made rude statements such as educated people like your self believe life will easy for you. That I should have stayed at my last job and paid my dues. What I thought was shocking was I never said anything about my education or explained the reason why i left my last job. I felt extremely judged and realized this was not going to be the best place for me to work. I ended up not getting the position, but was grateful that she decided to pass on me.

Have you every gone on an interview and felt like the person really did not know how to conduct an interview?



18 Mar


Being in graduate school has its ups and downs. I talk more about the ups and not really the downs.

  1. It is always more expensive than what you think it will be. There is gas, books, printing, faxing, scanning and other expenses. That are not included in tuition.
  2.  You never have enough time to get everything done the right way. I wanted to get all A’s in class, but I realize that would require so much work and that I did not have the time to get A’s in every class.
  3. Focus on networking and getting internships more than getting A’s in class. Make sure you making getting a great career and not a great job during your masters program. I am in my last year and I realized I need to focus more on career goals and not just on finishing class.

I hope anyone who is reading this takes this into consideration prior to going back to school.

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