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Purposeless Life

12 Jun

I wake up in the morning without a sense of purpose. Typically, I write down my goals for the day and week. I always aim to have a good day. However, sometimes I feel like I am not really living my life but merely living in someone else’s life. I feel like it is my mother’s life because I would not have put myself if some of these situations. I live at home. I have been questioning how I got here. When I graduated I always thought I would move out but that never happened.I question whether I am taking enough risks in life or am I playing it safe. I am letting other hold me back.

On my way to work, I thought about Taylor Swift and how she is the same age as me and is ruling the world. Meanwhile, I am driving to a job that does not correlate to my interests or passions. Sometimes, when I meet people I compare my life to them. They seem to have it together or at least appear to be. I have recently started praying to god to find the purpose in my life. It has only been two weeks so I do not know if it working or not. I ended my contract with a job I was temping at because I knew it was not for me. I am waiting for this feeling that a certain career or job is meant for me. I have not had that feeling yet. I wonder why?

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