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21 Jul

I attended the MBA World Tour in NYC and I had a great time. I met a lot of schools that were great and people who were very inspiring. I found out about this event on Facebook and clicked on the link. On the website, I registered and provided my resume. I had several schools who were interested in meeting me. I met with several colleges and learned that there is a lot to obtaining an MBA or any advanced degree. It made me realize that I really need to do more research before I choose a school.  Overall, it was a really great event and I encourage people to attend events like these to get a better feel of what an advance degree can or can’t do for your career.



17 Jul



I did got into one of the MBA programs that I applied to. However, I plan on deferring so that I may apply to other schools as well.



Samah Juana


5 Jul

Okay, so I am going back to school to fulfill a goal that I have had since I graduated college. It has been a tough to get to the point where I can even apply. I planned during my senior of college to go back to school two years after I graduated. However, the economy was really bad and finding a full-time job was very hard. I found a full-time job December of 2012 and finished getting all my recommendations from my supervisors. Business schools love working experience and recommendations from supervisors. I wanted to know make sure I had the best chance of getting in.

Recently, I had an interview for a MBA program. It was very exciting but I was happy that this application process was over. I spent three months just applying to one school. I have 3 more schools to go. I first need to ace my GMAT score which has been a challenge. I will be honest standardized testing is not my friend. I know that going to business school is the first step in creating the lifestyle and positive impact that I desire for myself.


5 Jul



I mentioned in my last post about making changes in my life. The purpose of making those changes is to enable my self to  operate from my truth and live my life to my highest potential. I want to start living a life of authenticity and passion. Currently, I am living my life day to day trying to get to the next level which I know is normal. During this transition, I will be giving everyone who follows me up to date. If you have any suggestions on how to transition from one area to your live to another please let me know. All input is welcome. I am really eager to learn this yet.


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