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18 Aug

We will be filming scenes for an upcoming feature film in this area. This Tuesday 8/20 we will be filming a Carnival scene in the Courtyard behind 1 Station Square where the Forest Hills Inn. This Carnival in the movie takes place in 1957 Munich, Germany. We need dancers to participate in a couples Waltz to help bring this scene to life! Please come join us at 2pm in front of the Courtyard if you wish to be in the film! All dancers must be wearing one of the following outfits:
•   1957 German Traditional clothing; 1950s authentic Lederhosen or Trachten
•   Carnival style clothing; Masks, cloaks, capes accessories, etc.
•   Animal costumes, Shakespearian dresses, colorful clothing.
•   Please DO NOT wear any commercial type costumes (i.e. super heros, specific characters, name brands, etc.) or anything that occurred after 1957 (i.e. hippies, disco, 80’s, etc.)
What: Film Shoot
When: Tuesday August 20th
Where: 1 Station Square, Forest Hills.
Time: 2pm-7pm
Other: for any questions or if you are interested in being apart of the film!
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