10 Reasons I have a job

4 Mar

Image1. I applied constantly. I would dream about finding a job. I thought about find a job all the TIME.

2. I opened myself to the wonders of the universe. I tried all options. I staffing agencies, newspapers, online, Linkedin and networking.

3. I never stopped taking risks when finding a job. I have had some terrible job experiences but I learned what I did and did not like. I found myself in each job and continue to find myself in the new job that I have.

4. I prayed.

5. I focused on it. I told everybody that I wanted a job. I put that energy in the air and attracted what I thought I wanted.

6. I had a plan most of the time. Too much planning is bad and too little planning is worse. I did what I wanted to do. Any passion I had I followed it and when  full time job came, I took the job.

7. Start from the bottom and work your way up. I had a degree and I felt that someone should give me a job.

8. Ask your friends for jobs. My friends ask me about opportunities and help me find opportunities.

9. Intern. Interning helped me stay busy and build connections.

10. It is my time. I struggled to find a full time job. It was not my time yet. I had to work hard and go through the process of finding a job like everybody else.


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