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Like According to Samah J on Facebook,Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Nov

I am starting a campaign to increase my likes on Facebook. I have only 20 likes. I know I can do better than that.

I really enjoy writing and creating this blog. It defiantly has become a passion of mine. I apperciate all the followers and the comments so much that I decide to create a Facebook page.  I would really apperciate it if people would like the page. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Stressed and Blessed

2 Nov

I have moments where I am grateful for the success that I have. The opportunities that come my way and the new people I meet every single day. However, being successful comes with a lot of stress. Trying to pursue multiple projects at once, work and maintain a social life can leave little room for personal growth. It is important on this journey to success that you develop a separate identity from you work, family and relationships.

How do you go about that?

1. Give yourself space to breath from your own success.  Schedule personal time each day or week. Give yourself time to mediate on other things outside of your success. Volunteer for a day or read a book about a subject you know nothing about.

2. Pray your stress away.  Any way you choose to pray, do it.

3. Do not spend every second planning your new step. Letting things happen organically sometimes is the best way to success.  Let opportunities come to you for a change.

4. Collaborate with others on their success. Volunteer to mentor someone or help a friend or family in need.

How do you relax from all the stress created from your success?

Those are my suggestions. Have a great weekend.

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