Success Is A Two Way Street

25 May

I always hear people say, I got here by myself and that is untrue. Think about all the times you moved to another level  and the people who helped you.

Think about it right now before you move on to the next paragraph. I am sure a few people popped up. Perhaps it was a teacher, a neighbor or for me random strangers.

When I was on the production team at Madison Square Park, I encountered positive people everywhere I went. One day I was watching the back stage area and this elderly man  started talking to me. At first I thought I hope this guy is not crazy. He asked me what my name was. I told him my name is Samah. He asked what I wanted to do and at the time I said I wanted to be in the music industry. He said if I work really hard I will get there and he said to follow your heart. Also, said that I was smart. The words that he said to me made a really hot day on Madison Avenue feel so much more cooler. I never met anybody who in encouraged and believed in me so much without ever really knowing  me.

Anytime I think about my success and the people who helped me. I think about the nameless people or the forgettable faces I meet along the journey towards success. Somebody other than yourself has to believe in you, in order for you to become successful.


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