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9 Things I learned From My Audition!

14 Apr

Several Saturdays ago, I auditioned for a 6 week music industry crash course.  The program is geared towards mentoring young women and giving them opportunities in the music and entertainment industry. I decided to  try out and it was an interesting experience. It was a chance to be interviewed in front of judges  who work in various fields of entertainment and music industry.

Along the way I learned some very important things and I wanted to share  those thoughts with you.

1. Have a strategy in how your going to execute the interview.

I heard about this audition last-minute and found myself getting frazzled and stressed out. Instead of creating a plan , I focused too much on my already  professional revised resume.  I should have focused more time on researching the organization and the judges.

2. 70-20-10 percent rule

Spend 70 percent of your time doing research on the company. Google the place you’re interviewing at. Read all the pages of the website. Be over prepared for the interview. I learned from other music related interviews, that interviewer like  ask random questions.  Next, 20 percent on the resume. Resumes and cover letters are what get you into the door but its the interview that seals the deal.  Have a simple resume that states your objective or summary of qualifications.. Music industry people need to know quickly what your are all about. Last, spend 10 percent of your time on miscellaneous stuff such as directions, money for gas and appearance.  Make sure you dress to fit the part but in doubt wear a black suit. I always like a nice fitted blazer top with a nice top underneath just incase you want to take the coat off.

3. Do not get easily intimidated.

One of the judges was a ball buster and it was tough to explain my thoughts without her interrupting me.  I learned that instead of freaking out or getting discouraged just continue on with your statement. Say what you intended to say and do not let anybody intimidate you in to saying things just to please them. In the music industry people are always trying to weed people out and type of mind-set leads people to ask questions to perhaps scare the candidate.

4.  No interview is ever a failure.

I have decided that ever interview is really just an opportunity to get better at interviewing. Interviewing is a skill and not a talent. You know how  to speak and carry your self in front of future employers.

5.  Do not perceive failure as a set back but a set forward.

Yes, I made that up.  A set forward is any negative situation that happens in your life that propels your closer to  knowing yourself and becoming more successful. Since, I   graduated college ten months  ago it has not been easy. However,  I have learned and grown up significantly from my set backs.

6. Listen to your nerves.

I know when I am nervous about an interview it is because I do not feel very prepared. For everyone else there nerve might indicate something else.

7. Review interview mistakes.

After every interview I take the time to review mistakes that I did during the interview. It could be anything from not arriving on time or not knowing enough about the company.

8. Do not over analyze the interview.

Once it is over do not spend too much time thinking about it. There is nothing you can do. You just have to wait and see the results.

9.  If you feel uncomfortable during the interview then the job perhaps is not for you.

I have gone on interviews where I just feel so out-of-place. I just know I can not work here. That is okay. Continue on with the interview and pass on the job if offered.

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