Life is Like a Box of Chocolate….

20 Mar

……You never know what shit you’re gonna get. I have been out of college for 9 months and I have to admit,  life after college kind of sucks. I am grateful that I have  not been unemployed for long periods of time . Many of  my friends aspiring to pursue careers in the music & entertainment field are now  finding themselves  at a  dead-end. They are working in jobs that they are not passionate about.

At first I thought the  dead-end was myself. I became so  obsessive about pursing a career in music industry that I worry about missing my life true calling. Many people start out pursuing one career  only to find themselves in a completely different career. I  now know  as a part-time production assistant at Kinematik Dance company, I am heading in the right direction.

When you reach a point in your life where you feel stuck or that you are taking one step forward only to take on step back.  The best thing to do is go back to the drawing broad and start over. Keep starting over until you have reached the place in your life where everything just operates without the day-to-day hassle or struggle to be happy.


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