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30 Mar

One of the greatest creations in the world is music. It can change your mood at the drop of a dime. It’s magical and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Whether I’m getting ready in the morning, driving to work, or passing time, I enjoy having music in my life. It’s everywhere and I love it!

With my enthusiasm for music, I went to college for music business. I tried playing instruments but I was never satisfied with the outcome based on the amount of work that went into practicing. So I utilized my other talents of being organized, personable, and innovative.

While at college I had some amazing experiences and was honored to be part of some great projects. I was Vice-President of a club/class that critiqued music artists and taught them about the music business. More importantly, we stepped out of the boundary of music ‘industry’ and showed them how to become successful and bring their mind beyond what college simply taught. From there, I had the opportunity to take part in the travels of E3 Dance Crew, who won the Super Top Dog Competition at the Apollo Theater. A member of the class became successful with The Goonies, another artist (AzR) having a song go “viral” that he made in honor of Steve Jobs’ Resignation/Passing, and an engineer just had a mix of his go viral as well!

E3 Dance Crew

The Goonies



I don’t think I could have asked for a greater college experience. I am so thankful to see the fruitfulness of the class HMS 101 – How to Master your Skills 101.

Most people go through college and life wondering what they really want to do or living for other’s expectations/approval. I’ll be honest: I was there too and even though I had a magnificent experience, there was something missing. One of the tricks I learned is to evaluate what you love and what makes you happiest and create something out of that. However, it’s not always clear even when it’s right in front of you.

I discovered that I LOVE music – Getting ready in the morning, driving to work, passing time, etc. And that’s where it ends. I simply love listening. The other most important factor that I uncovered was that I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals, becoming their best self, and seeing them grow. Realizing that this world is full of people who have no idea what they’re really doing, only what they think they want and know.

It’s okay to change your mind and change your purpose. I finally realized the reason I was infatuated with those personal development books I’ve been reading for the past eight years. From that I launched LifeSketch a couple months ago and it has really taken off and I thank Samah J. for letting me guest post. I now do exactly what I Love

+ Inspire people through Daily Insights here

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+ Develop products to help others achieve their goals here (Free guide coming soon!)

I encourage you all to take part in some way, even if it’s simply “liking” the Facebook page to get an inspirational quote in your newsfeed each morning. I hope I’ve provided an interesting insight with this post for you all, and if you have any questions just Say Hi

Ignite Your Spark,

Jams Wightman

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolate….

20 Mar

……You never know what shit you’re gonna get. I have been out of college for 9 months and I have to admit,  life after college kind of sucks. I am grateful that I have  not been unemployed for long periods of time . Many of  my friends aspiring to pursue careers in the music & entertainment field are now  finding themselves  at a  dead-end. They are working in jobs that they are not passionate about.

At first I thought the  dead-end was myself. I became so  obsessive about pursing a career in music industry that I worry about missing my life true calling. Many people start out pursuing one career  only to find themselves in a completely different career. I  now know  as a part-time production assistant at Kinematik Dance company, I am heading in the right direction.

When you reach a point in your life where you feel stuck or that you are taking one step forward only to take on step back.  The best thing to do is go back to the drawing broad and start over. Keep starting over until you have reached the place in your life where everything just operates without the day-to-day hassle or struggle to be happy.

10 Reasons Your Job Is Not For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Mar

1.  Everyone is being really nice to you. I have worked several jobs where people are too nice. They examine you work and tell you it is perfect but they are lying. Never take anything an employer says as fact. If an employer says this project is due next week, get it done that week. Every assignment is just a test of your skills and ability to execute a project.

2. If on the first day your manager  is excited to see you and talks to you, but the next day he “ignores” you. Not a good sign! He is probably thinking of all things you did wrong and can not bear to speak to you.

3.  Your co-workers have either a bad attitude towards you for reasons that you are not aware of.

4.  You feel uncomfortable at work from day one.

5. You still feel uncomfortable at work on the second day.

6. You can’t trust your manager. I started doubting the words that were coming out of my managers mouth. Once you start second guessing what is true and not true you’re in trouble.

7. Supervisors and managers set unrealistic expectations. For example, expecting you to do an assignment perfectly but you have only worked there for two days. A lot of managers do not want to take the time to train people. They are expecting you to learn things quickly and do not have the patience to be a mentor.

8.  If you are a minority and you notice there are no people of your color in your department or various departments. If you’re looking to get promoted seeing the diversity in other roles is an indicator of how easy or how hard it will be for you to get a promotion.

9. Managers who offer informal criticism at random times. An old boss of mine never gave formal evaluations of my work. That put me in situations where I could never present my side of the story. For example, a line would begin to form in front of the cash register and then my boss would spew a list of things she felt were not appropriate about my job performance.

10. You can not see your self in that job for more than a few months. If you are working to survive, it is okay. However, if you’re looking to build a career you have to be strategic in your job choices. If you do not want to be in retail and then do not apply for jobs in retail.

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