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Are giving it your best shot?

31 Dec

Lately, have you thought you were giving everything you have to pursuing your dreams? I found myself asking that question recently and my answer was…….sort of. We all find ourselves in situations where we may become easily distracted and begin to lose sight of our goals; and I believe I’m right in assuming this is not independent of me. I work consistently towards my goals, but with splitting my time between two jobs, one fulltime and the other part time, it can become easy to fall behind.

Life for me is the everyday hustle of trying to survive knowing deep down inside that things will get better. It is important to have a mantra that repeats in your head. My mantra is “this too shall pass.” Any internal or external problems are just a test of your character and your response to the outcome is what will define your success. The music industry is unstable, inconsistent, and how your adaptation to the latest music trends and technological advances will determine your longevity.

In this new year give it your best shot and  do something as well as you possibly can, although you are not sure whether you will be able to succeed. That is my resolution for next year.


Another Hurdle to Climb

31 Dec

I wanted to update my readers on my recent interview with a major record label. Unfortunately, I was not chosen for the position. I was disappointed but I understand that a better opportunity is in store for me.  I continue to learn something new with every experience. Many record labels and talent agencies do not follow up with candidates in a timely fashion. I had to call the company several times to find out the status of my interview. However, during the interview I was told that I should be expecting a follow up call. I am pretty sure they would have never called me back.

Rejection is a process and many do not understand that. This is another hurdle to climb in the pursuit of my dreams.

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